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As the owner of a condo, you own your unit, and a percentage of the interest of the common areas such as the exterior of the building, parking areas, gardens & recreational facilities. You normally pay a monthly fee which covers the common expenses which may include master insurance, water & sewer, common electric, snow plowing, etc., and in the case of larger complexes, swimming pools, function rooms, exercise facilities, etc. There are usually trustees that run the condo association with the owners input and approval. There may be professional management, or in the case of smaller complexes, the owner may manage the property themselves. Condominiums come in several styles including garden (single-level), townhouse (multi-level) and lofts (usually an open concept living area). You usually don’t have to worry about all the common maintenance issues like landscaping, snowplowing, exterior painting, etc. If you are considering a condo, make sure the Realtor you use as your Buyer’s Agent has experience in them.


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